Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Its hard to live with your brother and sister because they take your stuff without asking. They hit you, you hit them back, you get in trouble. Brothers and sisters can be fun once in a while but then you get bored of playing with them because the want to play to play the same game over and over again. When you go on the computer to check your emails they follow you and say "what are you doing". When your phone rings you look at the text message and they read it out loud and they ask you questions. You just feel like you want your own space and you want to lock your self in your room. Tyler is telling me everything that Nishelle does to him. And I m like I don't care. Its hard to be 13 and a(n) older sister but its also fun to watch your brother and sister fight over something so stupid. Well you got to love them..... :D


  1. whatev.....you sound like a typical "TA"!!!!you will always be the older sister, you can't change that! I love you, Mimi

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